Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stupid beliefs?

Do we always have to be reasonable in all we do, say, think, believe? What does it mean, "to be reasonable"? Reason is important, that I can't deny. But sometimes, people just can't only use their brains. We are human, we have been given a heart, and strength comes from there. "Only humans can be inhuman". That is one quote that touched my heart. I will never forget it. Now, that is one sentence to put in a philosophy essay! ^^ What is my point? Well, it's coming. When people used only their brains and not their hearts, we all know through history and today's news, what the results were. But when people used their brains to do what their hearts were telling them, then we also have many examples(Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc.) to show us which one is the best, and which one made a positive change in our world.
Now, what does it all have to do with the title? Is there such a thing as "stupid belief"? Now, when we say such things, we usually think "the people who believe that are stupid". That is, basically what it means. Now, who never believed something "stupid"? In other words, something irrational. We all did, or still do. So, who are we to judge someone who may not believe the same we do, but believes in something as stupid as we do? Then who is stupid?
Of course, sometimes, people don't use their brains enough and believe everything they are told. But it isn't worse than people who use their brains too much and don't believe anything they are told. What I mean, and that will conclude, is that we all need to reconsider the way we see things, and the way we see others. We all need to find the truth, yes, but first, we will all find it in a different way, and second, we should not start searching for it with a pre-conceived idea of it.

Now, that came from my heart. ^^