Monday, December 17, 2012


Lately(for the past few months), I haven't been very talkative in here...
I guess I simply didn't have anything to say. Actually, every time I wanted to write something, I either erased what I had written(because I didn't find it good enough), or got stuck without knowing what to write...
Now, a few weeks ago, I saw a video by Charlie McDonnell, where he tells how scared he is at the moment. He is scared that people won't like him. He made me want to write again.

Human beings all have fears. Some are afraid of some animal, some are afraid of crowds, some are afraid of confined places, and so on. We all have fears. Different fears, but we are all afraid of something. BUT. There is one thing that all human beings are afraid of and aspiring to. Our common desire is to be loved. Our common fear is to be unloved. We all have different reasons to be afraid that someone(or everyone) won't love/like us. "I don't dress well enough" "I am not funny enough" "I am not cool enough" "I am not/too...blahblahblah".
Well, let me tell you something...
I don't have that fear anymore. Well, to be honest, I do feel unloved from time to time, but I find comfort thinking and knowing that at least there is one person who will always love me, and love me very much, unconditionally and perfectly, forever. When I was little, I thought I was useless and no one loved me and I thought I was simply not lovable. Thing is, I had always heard that God loved me, and he loved me so much that he sent Jesus Christ to reconcile with me through living a human life and dying instead of me though he was perfect and didn't do anything wrong, and he rose again, and now it was possible for me to have a relationship with him. When I realized what it meant, I felt so bad at first because I knew I didn't deserve it. I didn't deserve love from anyone let alone God, I was a bad little girl and I knew from what I had learned that almost everything I did, God didn't like. So, I was at the point that I told God "why do you love me so much? Don't love me like that!". But then, after showing me his love, he made me feel it. I knew and I felt loved. He was constantly telling me "I love you". Then, you know, he showed me that if I refused to be loved by him, it was making all his efforts vain, and that would be so outrageous and so hurtful to him. And I personally knew I needed him and his love to keep going. So I let him love me, and simply fell in love with him again(yeah because when I was like from 3 to let's say 6, I really genuinely loved him, he was basically my first love). From that moment on, he has always had my back and I know I can count on him, and he trusts me. We share a true friendship, and my life has become brighter. Now, I love life, because I know I'm loved, and because I love(not only God, but others too! Of course! ;) ).
Now, I also have come to realize that I have people around me who truly love me and support me(my family, and friends), and I think it is important to realize that even if you feel like people don't like you, or you're not lovable or you're afraid that people would reject you or dislike you or what you do and so on, there will always be people around you who care about you and will always support you no matter what. What is important then? Pleasing youtube anonym fans you've never seen or talked to, or live your life, do whatever you like and keep close those you know and trust?


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Truth vs Tolerance?

Nowadays, in this world of ours, in this society, people proclaim tolerance everywhere, and many people(if not everyone) think it is something very important that we all need to live. It has become the banner of the defenders of liberty and equality. The only problem is (if there is only one) : the same people who claim to be tolerant, want and try to impose their conceptions to others...

Hypocrisy, much?

What is truth? I mean Truth; you know; that thing everyone claims to own. Well, obviously, there can only be ONE Truth. So there can't be "my" truth and "your" truth, if we both believe two things totally contrary to each other. One of us is right, or none of us know the truth, but we can't both have found the truth.
This is the danger with tolerance, it kills our so precious Truth's "voice".

But all that doesn't answer to the question, does it?

There is only one man who claimed to be The Truth(along with many other things). People think they can possess the truth, but we can never be sure to know it completely. At least, we can be honest with ourselves and others(and God, while we're at it), and not deny our beliefs and convictions pleading "tolerance" instead of Truth.

Tolerance is actually a trend, and I believe a very bad one...Try respect instead.


Jesus the Christ is that man, if you were wondering. ;)

The purpose of it all

What is life all about? Is there really a reason for us to live? WHY? Why all this? Why life? Why love? Why hate? Why hardships? Why happiness?
We surely don't have all the answers, but one thing is sure : God has them! Yes, I do believe there is a God out there, who watches us live and destroy everything he created perfect. He is the purpose of it all! Hardships are not there to destroy us, but to give us an occasion to cry out to him! Love is his motivation for everything he lets happen, or decides to make happen(you decide which of those). But men are wicked and influenced by the devil, and think they are all powerful, but they are in fact very very weak(even more compared to the almighty God!).
What is your life about? What is your reason to live? Do you love? Do you hate? Why?! Are you happy? Are you "lucky"? Or is God gracious unto you?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I am a child

I am a child. I am 20 years old, I know. But I am a child. I am a grown-up, or am I? I don't want to be a grown-up, sometimes. 
Grown-ups have forgotten everything they lived for when they were children. They used to play together, they used to dream, they used to care, they would never worry. They used to love with passion, deeply. They did not have prejudices. 
But now; they don't play anymore, they don't dream anymore, they don't care about anything but themselves and feel insecure. They hate with passion; they hate others and even themselves sometimes. They get angry and they forget that when they were children, they didn't know it all, but they wanted to learn. They forget that when they were children, they were hurt when adults lied to them. 
But they make the same mistakes as their parents and grandparents before them : they forget the essential things of life and attach themselves to things that pass; they are never satisfied.
So, I am a child, because I am still myself. Everything changed, but nothing changed, after all. 
I am the same, so is this world.
Will it ever change? I believe it will. I am not naive and I am not living a utopia. I think I am right and will never give up, as long as I am on this earth. 
As Mother Theresa said : "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."

"And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved"

Matthew 24v12-13

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stupid beliefs?

Do we always have to be reasonable in all we do, say, think, believe? What does it mean, "to be reasonable"? Reason is important, that I can't deny. But sometimes, people just can't only use their brains. We are human, we have been given a heart, and strength comes from there. "Only humans can be inhuman". That is one quote that touched my heart. I will never forget it. Now, that is one sentence to put in a philosophy essay! ^^ What is my point? Well, it's coming. When people used only their brains and not their hearts, we all know through history and today's news, what the results were. But when people used their brains to do what their hearts were telling them, then we also have many examples(Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc.) to show us which one is the best, and which one made a positive change in our world.
Now, what does it all have to do with the title? Is there such a thing as "stupid belief"? Now, when we say such things, we usually think "the people who believe that are stupid". That is, basically what it means. Now, who never believed something "stupid"? In other words, something irrational. We all did, or still do. So, who are we to judge someone who may not believe the same we do, but believes in something as stupid as we do? Then who is stupid?
Of course, sometimes, people don't use their brains enough and believe everything they are told. But it isn't worse than people who use their brains too much and don't believe anything they are told. What I mean, and that will conclude, is that we all need to reconsider the way we see things, and the way we see others. We all need to find the truth, yes, but first, we will all find it in a different way, and second, we should not start searching for it with a pre-conceived idea of it.

Now, that came from my heart. ^^


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Are friends essential? Is it vital to have a friend? Are they essential to have to be happy? Real friends usually can be counted on the fingers of one hand. What if one had none? Does it ever really happen? We sometimes aren't even aware that we do have friends we can count on. People are desperate when they feel like they have no friend. People seem happy when they find out they have real friends. What is a friend? Are they there only to bring you joy? Are you there only to bring them joy? What do you expect from them? What would you be willing to do for them? Friends are precious, keep them close, never let them down. 

Irma-My Friend...Who feels just like that? :) 

Irma-Every Smile

I simply love this song... :) 

Monday, February 06, 2012


No, the title of this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with the previous post. This being said...
Have you ever called someone crazy? Or have you ever been the one to be called crazy? What does it feel like? What about people who have some kind of mental disorder? The relationship that they have with this word must be totally different than the one so called "normal" people have. Wow, that was a long sentence. Hope I didn't lose you on the way haha. So, I was saying... When in people's minds(or at least some people you know, be it in your family or among your friends) seeing a psychiatrist is only meant for crazy people, then it feels special when you go see one. Now, what does "crazy" mean exactly? Freud says people call some crazy because they are different. He changed the meaning of "crazy", and those who were then called "crazy", he called them "sick", so not different from the others. He said that it is all a matter of intensity and quantity. We are all "crazy" after all. For some of us, it is a bit more obvious, that's all. Now that doesn't say exactly what "crazy" means. When you're kidding and laughing with a friend, you say "you're crazy!", but it doesn't mean the same as someone who sees his brother going insane, is it? Now, that is the problem, actually. Yes, the thing is that someone who has a mental disorder will take it differently if you call them crazy, than someone who has no such trouble. But the weird thing is that after some time, these same people will feel totally comfortable with this idea of craziness. When they are the ones to call themselves crazy. Crazy, isn't it?

Crazy Love?

I'm currently reading a book. Wait, let me say it again : I'M READING A BOOK! Haha this is crazy, I know! ^^
Well, this book is called Crazy Love(by Francis Chan). When I first started to read it, I really wasn't impressed and I didn't like it. I actually didn't want to read it at all. Let me explain  :

My youth group decided to read this book(or our leader told us into doing it, I'll never really know^^) when I wasn't there. So, as everybody seemed to agree, I had no choice but to read it too. We read a chapter per week and at the end of the week, we talk about what we've read. The first chapter isn't the best, really. The author makes some good points, but it really isn't the best thing I've ever read like what they seemed to say it was.
Anyway. What is actually interesting is the discussion that comes after each reading. It helps understand and remember and realize what the author meant, and what God wants us to understand and remember and realize through it.
The last chapter I read(the third one)is entitled just like the book itself : Crazy Love. After reading that chapter and talking with my youth group, I entered a new dimension in my relationship with God. I had this desire for some time to do more than just believe in God. I wanted to love God and have really that relationship of love between him and me, and me and him. I knew with my mind that God loves me, but I found it hard to love him really. I only believed, to be honest. To me, in the Bible, the main thing is Love. True Love. That's basically what it's all about. God's Love for humans and this desire he has for it to be reciprocal. That's the challenge :
"Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength." (Deuteronomy 6:5)

The greatest commandment, the first one, the most important. (and maybe the most difficult?) Once we realize his love for us, it becomes easier to love him. I find it easier to love him now. It even inspired me a love song!  In love? Crazy? Crazy Love? 

If you want to read the book, ask your youth group leader or/and find information, videos and buy it here :

Saturday, February 04, 2012


I'm a huger...Which is kind of strange, when you think about it. Are you also one of these kids who dream their lives because they can't live their dreams? What does it have to do with the title of this post?
What does it feel like to have no real friend around? I mean, when either your friends are far away, or you feel like you don't really have any after all. That must drive crazy. It's easy to tell people there's always going to be someone there to listen, exchange, give support, and all that a friend does. Oh, I know it. I know it with my mind. I have to know it with my heart. Have experienced it already, but the thing is, I don't have a good memory. I tend to forget a lot. Human beings can't be trusted, can they? I mean, there will always be something to go wrong with them. Relationships will never be perfect between them. They will never understand each other perfectly. I will never be able to tell absolutely everything to someone else than God. At least, He is a true friend I can count on.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

A real woman?

I wonder what it feels like not to be able to have a child. I mean, to be sterile. For a woman. I've always heard that the hardest pain was to lose your child. What if I couldn't even have one? I think it would be a greater pain.  
The self-esteem of a sterile woman must be very low at some point. When she just found out that, though she is a woman, she can't bear life. That she can't have the pride to say that she shares with the others this amazing ability. What goes on, then, in her mind, in her heart, in her body? I don't know how I would react. I imagined that I would be depressed. Then I thought : what about adopting a child then? I don't like this idea. If I adopt a child because I can't have one of my own, I only adopt this child for me, to feel good, not because I want to make a child happy, not because I want to give love to someone who didn't have the chance to receive it before. It wouldn't be fair. And it's not the same anyway. 
I love children. I hope and want to have more than one. But even if I imagine how many I will have, boys or girls, their names and all, I don't know if I will actually have even one. It would be a miracle...

Nothing to say?

When they have a blog, people usually tell about their lives, their experiences and all that kind of stuff. I don't know if my (private?) life is worth being told all over the internet. I've had blogs, but I cowardly abandoned them and left them there, because I didn't feel like I had anything to say anymore. So why did I start this one? I don't really know, to be honest...But I feel like I'm gonna have many things to say, after all. I don't know exactly what it will be all about, or do I? I'm sure you wonder about the title...But I won't tell you why I called it that. You will find out by yourself. ;) Is it my blog? Or is it yours? It's ours! Inspiration is coming, I'll let you know more than I think and you will think more than you know.

Oh yeah, people sign with their names, right? You don't need to know my name, but I will sign.