Sunday, May 31, 2015


Everybody makes mistakes. 
One thing is to admit we did one. Another thing is to do all that we can so that we never make that same mistake again. 
Some people never make it even to the first step. Should I say many people?
Some are afraid of making mistakes and always wonder if what they do is the right thing. I think it's good to want to do the right thing. I don't think it's good to live in fear. 
You cannot savour your life and enjoy what you do if you are constantly afraid of making a mistake. Mistakes belong to life. You need to make mistakes to grow in life. You cannot be perfect and do everything right. We are humans not gods. 
And God actually teaches us things through our mistakes. We need to be dependent on Him. So if we never make mistakes or if nothing bad happens to us He will never get to teach us anything, will He?
That's why we need to make mistakes and we should never be afraid of taking chances. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Writer's block

Does it really exist? What does it feel like to lose inspiration like this? Does it happen overnight? Just like that? 
But what is it exactly? If it ever happens, is there any hope? Is there any hope that you might find inspiration again?
I am sure there is always hope. When you have a special talent, you always dream a lot about what is possible to do with this talent. But if that talent seems to go away will the dream remain in your heart? If the dream remains then it might come back. If the dream disappears then it might have been just a season in your life. Then you may find out that you have other talents and gifts and use them properly. You might also stay careful and exercise them a lot to make sure your previous adventure won't happen again. Well, you never know what might happen. But if you fear writer or any other kind of block(loss of inspiration) it might happen. Even if we never know how it happens and why it happens. Don't think about it too much and focus on the dream that comes with your talent. 
Use that talent to bless others(not for your own glory) and to God's glory. The best way to use your talents and your gifts is to use them to achieve the dream God put in your heart. 
Then if you ever happen to have a block you won't worry about your future without this gift but you will be well disposed to hear what God has to tell you and to receive what he wants to give you.
It might be just for a time, for you to focus on the right things again.