Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Truth vs Tolerance?

Nowadays, in this world of ours, in this society, people proclaim tolerance everywhere, and many people(if not everyone) think it is something very important that we all need to live. It has become the banner of the defenders of liberty and equality. The only problem is (if there is only one) : the same people who claim to be tolerant, want and try to impose their conceptions to others...

Hypocrisy, much?

What is truth? I mean Truth; you know; that thing everyone claims to own. Well, obviously, there can only be ONE Truth. So there can't be "my" truth and "your" truth, if we both believe two things totally contrary to each other. One of us is right, or none of us know the truth, but we can't both have found the truth.
This is the danger with tolerance, it kills our so precious Truth's "voice".

But all that doesn't answer to the question, does it?

There is only one man who claimed to be The Truth(along with many other things). People think they can possess the truth, but we can never be sure to know it completely. At least, we can be honest with ourselves and others(and God, while we're at it), and not deny our beliefs and convictions pleading "tolerance" instead of Truth.

Tolerance is actually a trend, and I believe a very bad one...Try respect instead.


Jesus the Christ is that man, if you were wondering. ;)

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