Sunday, December 13, 2015

To Die?

What is it like to die? 
Do you still feel things? Do you have another body? Does your soul rest somewhere or do you err on Earth, in the air? 
Do the dead remember their life on Earth? 
Only God and the dead know the answers to these questions I'm afraid...
But to the question "Is there life after death?",people seem to have the answer. At least some of them. 
Some say there is nothing after death. You just die and don't exist anymore. Some say there is life after death and they don't all have the same opinion on what it is like. 
Some say people go to heaven. Some say people go to heaven or hell. Some say other things. 
The possibilities are so many that it is impossible to tell them all here. 

Which one is the truth?

It might be impossible to know what death is like before going through it, but we all get to know what it is like to go through mourning at some point. When I say mourning I mean mourning for the death of someone you knew and loved. 

"Will I see them again?" "Can they hear me?" "Can they see me?" "Are they proud of me?" "What would they like me to do?"
All these questions come and go in your head and you wish they could answer them.  You try your best to be happy and go on living but you realise you can't do it on your own. So you pray God to help you and you do your best to honour them and keep the promises you made.
And you start to imagine what it would be like if that other person you love died. You try to talk about it with them. You try to know what they want you to do when they die. You try to let them know what you want them to do when you die. 
You try not to forget that life goes on and the best way to make your dead beloved proud is to be happy. 
Don't stay alone. TALK about it all. Don't forget that God is the best comforter of all and that He puts people on your way to help you go through it all. 
Easy to say, I know. 
It takes time, but you can heal and you WILL. 

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