Monday, January 11, 2016


Beautiful means something different for everyone.
Some consider only the appearance. Some say beauty is to be found in one's heart.
To be beautiful doesn't necessarily mean being pretty. And being pretty doesn't necessarily make you beautiful.
Some use make up because they think it will make them beautiful. Actually, it can make you seem superficial.
Some others don't put make up on for this reason. Actually, not wearing make up can make you seem careless.
But all this is about appearances and other people's opinion.
What makes someone objectively beautiful?
No one knows. But everyone has their own opinion about it.
It seems like when you do good, when you smile every day, whatever you're facing and if you are courageous, everyone agrees to say that you are beautiful.
Actually, being happy makes you glow and you become more and more beautiful.
Baden Powell said that the key to happiness was to make others happy.
Are you happy?
Are you beautiful?

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